Name, position, company
1 Alexander Egorkin, Head of Information Security Department, CJSC «Gazprombank» «...Further steps of practical cooperation between our companies revealed that graceful and feminine Evgeniya is a strict and a good organizer and that she occupies a high position in the Laboratory for valid reasons. All planned operations were carried out efficiently and on time. Contractual obligations were met in full, even in the case of verbal agreements. The employees she takes on are competent, obliging and creative people.»
2 Alexey Kirichek, Head of Service Support Department, CJSC «Russian Standard Bank» «...the lion's share of successful entry into our Bank thanks to Evgeniya’s talents. It was a feeling of use and favour from Kaspersky product implementation from the first meetings and presentations. There was no sign of sales pressing, or ingratiating sales moves. Simply constructive, business-like and, I would say, dependable relationships! And that is the key to stability as well. I was extremely pleased with the profound project management in implementing new products in our Bank and the feeling of the exclusivity of Russian Standard Bank as no client has left even a year afterward. The credit for that goes exclusively to Evgeniya!»
3 Alexey Shirokikh, IT Vice President, CJSC «Gazprombank» «A highly skilled professional, very finely knowledgeable of the problems and business of the client, able to offer the ideal solution which suits a client best.»
4 Andrey Bondarev, Head of Infrastructure Management, IT Department, JSC "Russ-Bank" «Evgeniya, I’m impressed by your ability to sell with your persistence in pursuing set goals and great personal charm.»
5 Andrey Pronin, CIO, CJSC «Uralsib» «She is a lady with a crazy drive and energy who manages to be in several places at the same time and no one is left out of her attention!»
6 Andrey Chakheev, Директор по информационной безопасности, CJSC «Uralsib» Information Security Director, JSC URALSIB «Cooperation with Eugenia (which started back in 2009) allowed us to reach the maximum mutually beneficial results, having raised the degree of mutual understanding to a whole new level.»
7 Vasiliy A. Okulesskiy, Head of Information Security Department, OJSC «Bank of Moscow» «She is a unique combination of mind, beauty, self irony and tolerance.»
8 Vladimir Kurbatov, Information Security Director, JSC «Lukoil Inform» « A provocatively talented person, an exceptional dealer, a sensitive and understanding friend.»
9 Vladimir Troyanovskiy, Director of Information Systems support, CJSC National Bank «Trast» «... in the corporate sector Evgeniya was able to take the company to unprecedented sales levels. In confirmation of my words refer to the news feeds of information agencies.»
10 Mikhail Naumov, Head of the Information Security Center, Ministry of Defense RF «Evgeniya is indeed a professional in what she does! Her combination of beauty, intelligence and leadership skills, coupled with her vigorous energy, make cooperation with her incredibly interesting, pleasant and unique!»
11 Pavel Khrobostov, Deputy Director IT, CJSC "Russian Standard Bank". «Evgeniya shows a unique combination of charisma, leadership and ability to constructively address issues. Every meeting with Evgeniya not only leads to the achievement of objectives, but leaves a sense of profound moral satisfaction!»
12 Sergey Shneerson, Head of the Directorate of License and Financial Control, IT Department, JSC «Rosgosstrakh» «She came, she saw, she conquered!!!»
13 Yury Lysenko, Head of Information Security Department, Business Security Division, JSC «HomeCredit & Finance Bank» «Thanks to such personal qualities as kindness, intelligence, openness and great charm, Evgeniya easily wins the hearts of others. And her sense of humour, vigorous energy and efficiency allow her to get through life easily, guiding others along.»